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        With Customized Plans


At PENNINGTON Insurance Services, we provide a wide variety of services which benefits all levels of your organization:

ERISA Compliance Services:


For those employers wanting to become fully ERISA compliant, we provide the required Summary Plan Description and subsequent Summary of Material Modifications.  Most employers, regardless of size, are subject to these Department of Labor requirements.  These documents can cost up to $5,000 by outside preparers.  The DOL can charge fines of $110 per day for late delivery of the document to your employees.



For the business owner, we work together to review the annual budget for employee medical, dental and other benefits.  This review includes the cost of premium, the feasibility of offering employee plan choices, and a thorough analysis of employee contribution modeling.

COBRA Compliance Services:


We bring all clients into full COBRA compliance in order to eliminate financial liability due to unpaid medical claims that could be considered the responsibility of the employer if required COBRA notifications are not provided.  Notifications have to be delivered in a specific manner in a specific timeframe, and recorded by the employer.  Notification requirements also apply to the small employer not subject to Federal COBRA.

Insured Products:


  • Medical (fully insured and partially self-funded)
  • Dental (fully insured and self-funded)
  • Vision
  • Life (group and individual)
  • Disability (group and individual)
  • Employee Assistance
  • Long Term Care

“Mary has been instrumental in the selection and administration of our organization’s employee medical and life insurance.  When researching policy choices, Mary always keeps in mind the value of the plan as well as the cost.  Additionally, Mary is always very helpful with the employees when they have questions regarding claims.”

Lois Goforth, Chief Executive Officer, Rural Communities Housing Development Corp.

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